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"They say beauty is pain but running your own business doesn't have to be." 

Deionna Gipson, CEO and Founder

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Beauty and Brains is an inclusive experience for business owners, side hustlers, and idea enthusiasts to help start and grow your business.

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Hi, I'm Deionna...

I help entrepreneurs form, grow, and fund their business. 

The LLC Lady, Compliance Queen and Your Favorite Business Coach.

After working over a decade in my corporate job where I focused on contracts and compliance, I decided to branch out and work for myself.

My first business was in the beauty industry where I found myself assisting other beauty professionals with their business documents.

I formed over 300 businesses while working in the beauty industry. This made me believe there were other industries out there that need my help.

Trust me, I understand the difficulties business owners face and I am here to help you navigate the unknown.  

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"The delivery of the information you brought to us was amazing. I was able to use the information to train my team without any edits."
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